The VT Wine Lab has closed.


All results found on this server will be available until at least 5/26/2025 in accordance with FDA Guidelines (21CFR58).


It has been our pleasure to serve the Virginia Wine, Beer, Distilled Spirits, Hops, and Food industries these last 17 years.
We have learned so much from all of you and have been lucky enough to try the best of what Virginia Agriculture has to offer.
We are not leaving VT though, so if you have any questions please feel free to REACH OUT!

A few quick stats:
First sample: 3/20/2006
Last sample: 5/26/2023
Number of Invoices: 37,593 (Many times there were multiple samples per invoice number, well over 40,000 samples).
Most Requested Tests: #1 Malic Acid-18,528, #2 Alcohol-12,652, #3 Sulfites-10,561
Number of Customers: 895
Number of Chemists: 5, though there were only 2 at any given time.

Below is a list of laboratories with TTB certified chemists, roughly sorted by distance.
Imbibe Solutions is doing excellent work for the Virginia wineries and breweries.
The SIU lab has some VT Food Science Alumni that are dedicated to accuracy and precision.
The lab at Cornell has a solid foundation in wine flavor and aroma.
BDAS and AARLab are geared more toward the brewing industries and have been advisors to our lab on hops analysis for a few years.
ETSLabs has been serving the wine industry for decades and offers a wide variety of analysis.
There are other labs and wineries providing analytical services in the state, this list only includes TTB certified providers.


Imbibe Solutions - Charlottesville, VA


Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services - Lexington, KY


Cornell Craft Beverage Analytical Lab, Cornell University - Geneva, NY


SIU FSI Service Laboratory, Southern Illinois University


AAR Lab - Madison, WI


ETS Labs - St. Helena, CA


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